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Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute


Multi-user facility including superresolution confocal microscopy and live cell imaging.


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live cell


Zeiss LSM 710  30

Zeiss LSM 880 MP Airyscan

Zeiss LSM 700   30
Zeiss LSM 980 Airyscan2 30
Leica SP5 1   30
Leica SP5 2 30
Nikon spinning disk 30
CCMR SP8   30
Leica Stellaris 8 + FLIM 30
Zeiss Imager Apotome   14
Leica DMI600 Matrix HCS 14
Leica DMI4000   14
GE Incell 2200 Analyser   14
Essen Incucyte Zoom 40 plate/day

Nikon Biostation IM






Analysis PCs using remote desktop access

Imaris, autodeblur, Arivis Vision 4D -



Tescan Clara SEM, Katana serial microtome


Hitachi HT7800 Transmission Electron Microscope




Expert advice, assistance and training are available for the following:

  • All aspects of imaging for researchers
  • Image analysis and custom analysis tools
  • Processing of image volumes (deconvolution, 3D reconstruction)
  • Creation of figures for publication



The Imaging Facility is managed by Darran Clements 

For further information regarding services provided by the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute Imaging Core Facility, please contact: 

Booking System

If you need to request a booking system account, please click here.

Policy document


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