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Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute


Dr Harry Bulstrode 

Neural stem cells in development, regeneration and cancer 



Harry Bulstrode trained as a doctor in Cambridge (BA 2003) then Oxford (BMBCh 2006). He completed neurosurgery training in Cambridge in 2021, then a fellowship in stereotaxy and deep brain stimulation at Queen Square in London. His PhD (2012-2015) was awarded for work on transcription factor control of neural stem cell identity in the Pollard lab in Edinburgh, and he held postdoc positions in the Rowitch lab in Cambridge (2017-2021) and the Briscoe lab at the London’s Francis Crick Institute (2021-2023). He holds a Wellcome Clinician Career Development Fellowship.



Harry’s research focus is on neural stem cell identity in brain development and in brain tumours, and interactions between stem cells and their microenvironment. Specific areas of interest include:

  1. Zika Virus targeting of stem cells in the brain and brain tumours, and the role of microglia in regulating this.
  2. Cell-of-origin and malignant progenitor cell states in diffuse midline glioma H3K27M.
  3. Strategies to optimise the brain microenvironment for delivery of oncolytics, cell and gene therapies
  4. Stereotactic targeted delivery approaches

The Bulstrode Group