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Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute



Prof. Serena Best
Medical materials

Dr Thorsten Boroviak
Primate embryogenesis

Prof. Allan Bradley
Genome engineering

Prof. Sarah Bray
Notch regulatory networks in development

Prof. Ruth Cameron
Medical materials

Dr Peter Campbell
Cancer genomics

Dr Sara-Jane Dunn
Decision making in stem cells

Prof. Anne Ferguson-Smith
Stem cells and the epigenetic programme

Prof. Sarah Franklin
ReproSoc Research Director

Dr Kristian Franze
CNS development and disease

Prof. Richard Gilbertson
Childhood brain tumours

Dr Phil Jones
Epidermal stem cells

Dr Mark Kotter
Stem cells and cellular reprogramming

Dr András Lakatos
Developmental and pathological aspects
of astrocyte-neuron interactions

Dr Madeline Lancaster
Human brain development in cerebral organoids

Prof. Ernest Laue
Chromatin assembly and genome structure

Prof. Paul Lehner
Chromatin control of viral infection

Dr Florian Merkle
Human stem cell models of obesity and neurological disease

Prof. Kathy Niakan
Genetic regulation of early human development

Prof. Ewa Paluch
The mechanobiology of cell shape control

Dr Manav Pathania
Neural stem cell heterogeneity and epigenetics

Dr Emma Rawlins
Stem cell fate in the mammalianlung

Prof. Wolf Reik
Epigenetic reprogramming in mammalian development

Dr Peter Rugg-Gunn
Epigenetic regulation of pluripotency and development

Dr Marta Shahbazi
Self-organisation of pluripotent stem cells

Prof. Azim Surani
Specification and programming of the germline

Dr Margherita Turco
Division of Immunology

Dr Martin Turner
Lymphocyte development and function

Prof. Alan Warren
Mechanisms of ribosome assembly and stem cell subversion

Prof. Christine Watson
Stem cell and lineage-determining factors

Prof. Doug Winton
Intestinal stem cells

Dr Matthias Zilbauer
Intestinal stem cell biology