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Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

  • 19Apr

    Thomas Dennison, PhD Student, Zilbauer lab

    'The role of NOD-like receptor family CARD domain containing 5 in the intestinal epithelium in health and Inflammatory Bowel Disease'

    Greta Skrupskelyte, Postdoc, Alcolea lab

    “The role of the microenvironment in early lesions

  • 29Mar

    Kaiser Karim, PhD student, Kotter lab

    Title: "Integrative genomic analysis of Neurogenin2 reprogramming of human iPSCs"

    Megan Sherida, Postdoc, Turco lab

    Title: "Primary human trophoblast stem cell models: deciphering their in vivo equivalents and recapitulating HLA expression"

  • 24Mar

    Speaker: Sarah Bray, Professor of Developmental Biology, (University of Cambridge)

    Title: "Decoding the Notch signal"

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  • 22Mar


    Elisa Panada, Postdoc, Cvejic lab

    Title: "Deciphering the myeloid landscape of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer"

    Vincent Knight-Schrijver, Postdoc, Sinha lab

    Title: "The transcriptomic gap between foetal and adult epicardium"

  • 18Mar

    Speaker: Dr Christine Boinett, Postdoctoral Fellow - Wellcome Sanger Institute

    Title: "You NEED good mentors in your career!"

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  • 17Mar

    Speaker: Luisa Cochella

    Institution: Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna

  • 15Mar


    Connor Ross, PhD Student, Nichols lab

    Title: "Context-dependent cell fate choices throughout human development  - changing the situation when WNT arrives"

    Nejma Belaadi, Postdoc, Franklin lab

    Title: "Tune the mechanical environment to expand hepatic cells"

  • 10Mar

    Speaker: Sarah Franklin, Professor of Sociology, University of Cambridge

    Title: "Should the 14 Day Rule be Changed?"

  • 08Mar

    Speaker: Yasmine Kamen, PhD Student (Káradóttir)
    Title: "Oligodendrocyte precursor cell states and their regulation"
    Speaker: Iwo Kucinski, Postdoc (Göttgens)     
    Title: "Interactions between lineage-associated transcription factors govern haematopoietic progenitor states"

  • 05Mar

    Speaker: Dirk Schübeler, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research

    Title: ‘Finding your place: transcription factors as sensors and modifiers of chromatin’

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