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Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

  • 15Jul

    Martin Howes, Sustainable Labs Co-ordinator - University of Cambridge

    Title: "Seeking Sustainability in the Lab"

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  • 14Jul

    Speaker: Timm Schroeder, ETH Zurich | Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering (D-BSSE) | Cell Systems Dynamics Group

    Title: "Long term single-cell quantification: New tools for old questions"

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  • 07Jul

    Speaker: Mark Kotter, Academic Neurosurgeon, University of Cambridge and founder of

    Title of talk: "Two tales of cellular identity and artificial ageing"

    Hosting the talk: Ludovic Vallier

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  • 05Jul

    Speaker: Maurizio Mangolini, Postdoc (Ringshausen)

    Title: "NOTCH1 drives immune-escape mechanisms in B cell malignancies"

    Speaker: Ramy Ragheb, Postdoc (Hendrich)

    Title: "Impact of Chd4 on transcription factor binding and transcription during Erk signalling"


  • 02Jul

    Speaker: Professor Ruud Delwel from ErasmusMC and Erasmus University 

    Title: "The evil side of gene regulation in acute myeloid leukemia”

    For more information and to register available here


  • 30Jun

    Join us for two half-days of exciting scientific talks, our first virtual retreat and an annual event to come together and share stem cell research

  • 29Jun

    Please join us for the next Empowering Research Seminar at 11am on 29th June on Microsoft Teams.

    Speaker: Liz Simmonds, Assistant Head of Postdoc Academy (Strategy) - University of Cambridge

    Title: "Research Culture Institutional Plan"

  • 28Jun

    Speaker: Vicente Perez Garcia, Postdoc (Turco)

    Title: "The role of the tumour suppressor BAP1 in regulating early placentation"

    Speaker: Juan Li, Postdoc (Green)

    Title: "Roles of STAT1 in hematopoietic stem cells"

  • 23Jun

    Speaker: Martin Turner, Affiliate PI, Babraham Institute, Cambridge

    Title of talk: "The timing of differentiation and potency of CD8 effector function is set by RNA binding proteins"

    Hosting the talk: Ludovic Vallier

  • 21Jun

    Speaker: Chris Todd, Postdoc, Reik lab

    Title: "Epiblast enhancer priming in the regulation of development-specific transcriptional networks". 

    Speaker: Nicole Mende, Postdoc, Laurenti lab