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Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute


This PhD programme will be carried out under the supervision of a principal investigator within a specific research group. Students write a thesis, which is examined via an oral examination.

The PhD introduces students to research skills and specialist knowledge. Its main aims are:

  • to give students with relevant experience at a first-degree level the opportunity to carry out focused research in the discipline under close supervision; and
  • to give students the opportunity to acquire or develop skills and expertise relevant to their research interests.

Our overarching goal is to produce well-trained and rounded PhD postgraduates who have generated significant and original research findings and are fully prepared for an ambitious and challenging career, whether continuing in stem cell science or moving to another profession.

Applicants are advised to contact potential supervisors prior to submitting an application to discuss their application and funding possibilities. A list of supervisors at the Institute can be found here. Once you have had correspondence with a potential supervisor and been advised by them to make a formal application, you can submit your application via the 'Applicant Portal'.

Further details on the programme, academic requirements, funding and the application process can be found here.