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Cambridge Stem Cell Institute


Today (1 July 2024) marks the official start of the Discovery Research Platform for Tissue Scale Biology (DRP-TSB) at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute.


With funding from Wellcome, the platform will work over the next seven years to drive new waves of discovery and translational science into the ways stem cells build, maintain and repair all our tissues and organs.


Led by CSCI Director Bertie Gottgens, alongside collaborators from the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, and Anglia Ruskin University, the platform aims to empower new ways of studying stem cell biology at the tissue and organ scale including in vitro models for the development of better treatments for human patients.


Bertie says of the platform, “I am personally excited about the highly complementary expertise of the interdisciplinary team that we are assembling to advance stem cell research in Cambridge and beyond. I am also very grateful that Wellcome are supporting our vision of developing research capabilities at the tissue and organ scale, designed to both increase our understanding of fundamental stem cell biology as well as enabling new applications of stem cells to study and cure human diseases.”


More information and progress across the DRP-TSB can be found on the webpage here.



The DRP-TSB is supported by the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute and funded by Wellcome until 2031.