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Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute


A total of 23 new Postgraduate students started here in the CSCI on Monday 4, October 2021, under the supervision of 12 different PIs within the Institute.

These students are on a variety of PhD and Masters programmes and have now completed a full week of induction sessions. It was fantastic to see the majority of them in person around the building last week and we wish them a warm welcome to the Institute!

PhD Day Symposium, 28-29 October 2021

Later in the month our new students will have the opportunity to hear about final-year PhD students' work at the annual PhD Symposium. This is an annual Institute event and gives our final-year students a day to present their work orally and all other postgraduate students will be showing a poster presentation of their research.

Everybody in the CSCI is invited to attend the symposium as it provides an excellent opportunity to find out more about individual labs’ work, and, for our new cohort it will give them a taster of what to prepare for when it comes to presenting work orally.

The Symposium will take place as a hybrid event in the JCBC lecture theatre and will kick off with a keynote talk from Professor Elaine Fuchs onSkin stem cells: Survival of the fittest. Professor Fuchs is renowned for her research in skin biology, its stem cells and associated genetic disorders.


We look forward to hearing more from these minds in the coming years  – Welcome!

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