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Cambridge Stem Cell Institute



Key publications: 

Jacquemin, G., Wurmser, A., et al, 2022. Paracrine signalling between intestinal epithelial and tumour cells induces a regenerative programme. eLife 11, e76541.

Tomaz, R.A., Zacharis, E.D., Bachinger, F., Wurmser, A., Yamamoto, D., Petrus-Reurer, S., Morell, C.M., Dziedzicka, D., Wesley, B.T., Geti, I., Segeritz, C.-P., de Brito, M.C., Chhatriwala, M., Ortmann, D., Saeb-Parsy, K., Vallier, L., 2022. Generation of functional hepatocytes by forward programming with nuclear receptors. eLife 11, e71591.

Siudeja, K., van den Beek, M., Riddiford, N., Boumard, B., Wurmser, A., Stefanutti, M., Lameiras, S., Bardin, A.J., 2021. Unraveling the features of somatic transposition in the Drosophila intestine. The EMBO Journal n/a, e106388.

Wurmser, A., Basu, S., 2022. Enhancer-Promoter Communication: It’s Not Just About Contact. Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 9.

PhD Candidate (Basu Group)
Annabelle Wurmser

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