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Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

  • 28Jun

    Speaker: Vicente Perez Garcia, Postdoc (Turco)

    Title: "The role of the tumour suppressor BAP1 in regulating early placentation"

    Speaker: Juan Li, Postdoc (Green)

    Title: "Roles of STAT1 in hematopoietic stem cells"

  • 23Jun

    Speaker: Martin Turner, Affiliate PI, Babraham Institute, Cambridge

    Title of talk: "The timing of differentiation and potency of CD8 effector function is set by RNA binding proteins"

    Hosting the talk: Ludovic Vallier

  • 21Jun

    Speaker: Chris Todd, Postdoc, Reik lab

    Title: "Epiblast enhancer priming in the regulation of development-specific transcriptional networks". 

    Speaker: Nicole Mende, Postdoc, Laurenti lab

  • 16Jun

    Speaker: Pentao Liu. Professor in School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Hong Kong 

    Title of talk "Expanded Potential Stem Cells: A New Tool for Fundamental and Translational Research"

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  • 14Jun

    Speaker: Yifan Zhou, PhD Student, Vassiliou lab

    Title: "Non-human primate as a model for clonal hematopoiesis"

    Speaker: Takuya Azami, Postdoc, Nichols lab

    Title: "Roles of STAT3 during mouse post-implantation development"


  • 09Jun

    Speaker: Kristian Franze, Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience, Professor of Neuronal Mechanics

    Title of talk: "The mechanical regulation of chemical signalling during embryonic development"

    Hosting the talk: Ludovic Vallier

  • 07Jun

    Speaker: Frances England, PhD Student, Lee lab

    Title: "Tracing alveolar stem cell dynamics during homeostasis and early oncogenesis”

    Speaker: Adrien Vaquie, Postdoc, Rowitch lab

    Title: "Cell based and gene therapy approach for Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease"

  • 04Jun

    Speaker: Paolo Scaffidi, Francis Crick Institute

    Title: Epigenetic deregulation in cancer: mechanisms and functional impact.

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  • 01Jun

    Speaker: Dawei Sun

    Title: Combining organoid and CRISPR technology to study human lung biology’

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  • 26May

    Speaker: Joo Hyeon-Lee, Group Leader, Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

    Title of talk: "Lung stem cells and their niches in regeneration and disease"

    Hosting the talk: Ludovic Vallier

    For more information email: