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Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

Dr Boroviak joins CSCI

Dr Thorsten Boroviak joins us this month (from 1 October) as a Principal Investigator researching primate embryogenesis. 

Dr Boroviak joins us from the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience at University of Cambridge. 


CSCI Director Bertie Göttgens comments on Dr Boroviak's appointment:

"I am very happy to welcome Thorsten Boroviak to the CSCI. Thorsten will be well known to many, since he has been an affiliate PI and active member of our community for several years. With CSCI's support, Thorsten recently won an 8-year Career Development Award from Wellcome, to study early stages of embryo development. He will move the tissue engineering/embryo model component of this work into the CSCI, which represents a very exciting addition to our Tissue Scale Biology activities funded through our Wellcome Discovery Research Platform grant."


Dr Boroviak joins the 29 other Principal Investigators currently at CSCI, working in collaboration with the 37 Affiliated PIs from Institutes around Cambridge and the UK. 


The Boroviak lab focuses on how embryonic cells organise themselves to form the most complex lifeforms, such as human and non-human primates. They follow primate embryonic cells through parts of their journey to provide insights into human development, using approaches such as simultaneous genetic and epigenetic high-throughput sequencing from single cells, embryonic stem cell culture and bioengineering of stem cell-based embryo models. 

A deeper understanding of primate development is vital for innovative treatments of implantation failure, infertility and cancer as well as clinical applications of stem cell biology.


On joining the team, Dr Boroviak comments:

I am particularly excited about the prospect of developing bioprinting as a new tool to model human development. We look forward to synergising with the excellent faculty, facilities and staff at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute to push the boundaries of stem cell-derived embryo models.” 

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