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Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute


Our Research Culture & Integrity Seminar Series covers a range of topics such as research integrity, data management, open access and research ethics. These workshops are open to all institute and affiliate researchers and provide training and advice on these important areas in research culture and integrity. 

These seminars are held termly in person at JCBC. For further information email 

Events Schedule 

July 2024

Date & Time Topic / Session

Tuesday 2nd July

15:00 - 17:00

Speed Mentoring


A career focused round table event that allows people to meet with different individuals from around the institute and ask their questions in a more relaxed environment.  

The mentors and job representatives will share their lived experiences in their role/careers and help advise others on how to take the next steps in their own. 

We aim to cover different areas and careers pathways within the institute to ensure everyone can benefit, including administration/office roles and building/lab management representatives etc!

More information to follow...

Monday 15th July

12:00 - 13:00

JCBC Lecture Theatre

Centre for Science and Policy - Policy Engagement


Nicola Buckley & Christian Neubacher from The Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) will be presenting the avenues for using academic research to engage in the policymaking process, highlighting specific individuals, Departments, and opportunities which may be relevant to stem cell policy. 

Faculty and Staff who are interested in research and policy engagement work are invited to attend this session.

Speakers: Nicola Buckley, Director, Fellowships and Networks and Christian Neubacher, Policy Engagement Planning Coordinator, at Centre for Science and Policy 

Session overview: 

  1. What is CSaP? (5 Minutes) 
  2. What is Policy Engagement? (10 Minutes) 
  3. Specific Avenues for Policy Engagement related to Stem Cell Policy (20 Minutes) 
  4. Two Case Studies (10 Minutes) 
  5. Q&A (15 Minutes) 

Past events

Past topics have covered: 

  • 'Clear your Cache' Quirkshop (2024)
  • Scientific Method Discussion (2024)
  • Building a Culture of Research Integrity (2024)
  • Unexpected Results (2024)
  • Effective Working Relationships (2024)
  • Parental Leave panel discussion (2023) 
  • Clinical decision making (CDM) and cognitive biases (2023)
  • Promoting your Research (2023)
  • Science Communication (2023)
  • Research Grants Workshop (2023)
  • Research Data Management (2022)
  • Negative Results (2022)
  • Grants Administration (2022 presentation here
  • Seeking Sustainability in the Lab
  • The Dark Side of Science: Misconduct in Biomedical Research
  • Research Data Management Support at Cambridge
  • Managing micro-aggressions in the workplace


A list of all our past events can be found here

For further information, email