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Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute


Our Research Culture & Integrity Seminar Series covers a range of topics such as research integrity, data management, open access and research ethics. These workshops are open to all institute and affiliate researchers and provide training and advice on these important areas in research culture and integrity. 

These seminars are held termly in person at JCBC. For further information email 

Events Schedule 

March 2024

Date & Time Topic / Session

Tuesday 5th March


JCBC Lecture Theatre

Building a Culture of Research Integrity

Speaker: Dr Rhys Morgan, Head of Research Policy, Governance and Integrity, Research Strategy Office

This workshop will explore issues of research integrity, what can drive poor practice, and how we can make cultural changes to encourage best practice.  

It will also cover good authorship practices and how to get help and support on research integrity matters.


April 2024

Date & Time Topic / Session

Monday 22nd April


JCBC Lecture Theatre

Scientific Method Discussion

Speaker: Annamaria Carusi, Interchange Research, Emerging Research Cultures


What makes what you are doing in your science PhDs scientific?

This talk will offer a discussion of an iconic and highly influential way of answering the question, using a well-known example in the history and philosophy of science: that is, the idea that scientific method consists essentially in forming and testing hypotheses. Both confirmation and falsification as demarcation criteria for science are based on this idea.

During the talk, Annamaria will set out an account of this understanding of science, with the aim of contributing to a discussion of what scientific methods might mean in your own practice of science. She will also offer a broader contextualisation of this idea of scientific method in the social setting of science; and some examples of how the question of what constitutes scientific method applies in current concerns of race and gender bias in science. 


Past events

Past topics have covered: 

  • Unexpected Results (2024)
  • Effective Working Relationships (2024)
  • Parental Leave panel discussion (2023) 
  • Clinical decision making (CDM) and cognitive biases (2023)
  • Promoting your Research (2023)
  • Science Communication (2023)
  • Research Grants Workshop (2023)
  • Research Data Management (2022)
  • Negative Results (2022)
  • Grants Administration (2022 presentation here
  • Seeking Sustainability in the Lab
  • The Dark Side of Science: Misconduct in Biomedical Research
  • Research Data Management Support at Cambridge
  • Managing micro-aggressions in the workplace


A list of all our past events can be found here

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