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Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute


Last week, the journal Leukemia announced CSCI PI Dr Konstantinos Tzelepis as one of three Emerging Leaders in Leukemia.


The Nature Publishing Group journal’s Emerging Leaders collection selects rising talent in the field of haematology, providing a spotlight so they can share their work with others.


Kostas and his group at CSCI are currently focusing on the mechanistic understanding and novel therapeutic targeting of RNA and its modifications in disease and ageing. Recently, his group co-developed and characterised the first-in-class RNA methyltransferase inhibitor against METTL3.


On being named an Emerging Leader, Kostas says, "I am delighted to receive this recognition by my colleagues in the field of Haematology Oncology. It is a testament to the collaborative work and innovation we have been building since the establishment of our group".


Earlier this year, Kostas was also awarded £250,000 from Leukaemia UK’s inaugural John Goldman Fellowship Follow-up Fund award. The fund is a further commitment to the UK’s future blood cancer research leaders, seeking to advance understanding and treatment of leukaemia and other blood cancers.


Kostas is joined as an Emerging Leader by Matthew Blunt (University of Southampton) and Saad Kenderian (Mayo Clinic, USA). Read more about their work in Leukemia here.