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Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute


Based at the Hendrich Lab at the Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, Seun shares her experience of being a young black woman who ‘made it to Cambridge'.

Seun Ogundele engages her audience through her series of #blackgirlinscience YouTube videos, Instagram posts and podcasts, aiming to share her knowlege and inspire those traditionally underrepresented in academia. She has built a social following of over 1,000 people and her videos have received up to 13,000 views. It is clear to see the impact Seun is having by reading comments made by her followers. Seun will start her PhD in October 2021, and continues to make a difference with her ‘Ask a Scientist’ series, where other researchers and scientists share their stories.

Tessy Ojo, CEO of The Diana Award, said:

“We congratulate all our new Diana Award recipients from the UK and all over the globe who are changemakers for their generation. We know by receiving this honour they will inspire more young people to get involved in their communities and begin their own journey as active citizens. For over twenty years The Diana Award has valued and invested in young people encouraging them to continue to make positive change in their communities and lives of others.”

Seun Ogundele, said:

"I am honoured to be a recipient of the Diana Award. It is validating to be recognised for starting this initiative and I want to thank everyone that has encouraged and supported me in this journey so far. Special thanks to the Stem Cell Institute for nominating me. I am passionate about equipping students with the information they require to reach their personal academic goals; despite their gender, race or socio-economic background. This recognition will allow me to reach more people on a bigger platform where I can continue advocating for black girls in science."

Check out the latest update from Seun below

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