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Morteza Jalali signs a book contract with Elsevier

last modified Nov 28, 2016 03:06 PM

Morteza Jalali, a clinical PhD student in the Vallier lab has signed a contract with Elsevier for a book on basic science research methods aimed at students and clinicians who are embarking on laboratory-based science.

There is a global move towards recruiting and training future clinician scientists, such that medicine and surgery are equipped to harness the translational potential of laboratory discoveries and facilitate their safe delivery to the bedside for direct patient benefit.

Basic Science Methods for Clinical Researchers, expected in early 2016, aims to introduce the reader to core experimental methods commonly used to answer questions in basic science research and outline their relative strengths and limitations in generating conclusive data. The book will be a supportive companion for clinicians who are new to the laboratory environment and will facilitate them in the pursuit of their academic interests and in making an original contribution to their chosen field.

Having trained in science at the SCI, Morteza welcomes the opportunity to have contributions from any interested Institute members, in order to make Basic Science Methods for Clinical Researchers an authoritative and exciting text for aspiring clinician scientists worldwide.