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Professor Azim Surani awarded the 2014 McEwen Award for Innovation

last modified Nov 24, 2016 10:36 AM

Professor Azim Surani has been awarded the 2014 McEwen Award for Innovation by the International Society for Stem Cell Research. The McEwen Award for Innovation, supported by the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine, recognizes original thinking and ground-breaking research pertaining to stem cells or regenerative medicine that opens new avenues of exploration toward the understanding or treatment of human disease or affliction.


Professor Surani is a world leader in the field of epigenetics and the development of the mammalian germ line. His work on early mammalian development led to his involvement in the discovery of genomic imprinting and ongoing contributions to understanding the mechanistic basis of imprinting. Most relevant to stem cell biology, is his work on the cellular and molecular specification of the mammalian germ cell lineage, which impacted the field’s understanding of how the germ line is established and the molecular mechanisms responsible for reprogramming the epigenome in order to generate the totipotent state.


Janet Rossant, ISSCR president, said “The ISSCR is thrilled to announce the McEwen Award for Innovation, our most prestigious award, will be presented to Azim Surani…His pioneering research, which has changed the face of epigenetics and advanced the field of stem cell biology, is a rare and significant contribution from a single individual.”


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Awards will be Presented at the ISSCR 12th Annual Meeting, Taking Place June 18-21, 2014