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SCI student wins Journal of Cell Science 2012 'paper of the year' award

last modified Nov 22, 2016 03:00 PM

Vincent Pasque and Aliaksandra Radzisheuskaya received the prize for their joint first-author paper entitled ‘Histone variant macroH2A marks embryonic differentiation in vivo and acts as an epigenetic barrier to induced pluripotency’ (Pasque et al., 2012).

The prize, $1000, is awarded annually to the first author of the paper that is judged by the Editors and Editorial Board to be the best eligible paper published in Journal of Cell Science that year. To be considered for the prize, the first author must be a student or a postdoc of no more than five years’ standing.


Read the Journal of Cell Science prize write up: March 15, 2013 J Cell Sci 126, 1287-1288