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Jethro studied Biochemistry at the University of Oxford and completed a master's in Structural Biology. He fell in love with cell biology through his work as a research assistant at University College London and at King's College London, working first on mechanisms of neurodegeneration and then on stem cell division. He joined the Wellcome 1+3 programme in Stem Cell Biology in 2021, and is studying the role of Ascl1 in cell fate determination.


Key publications: 

S. Junyent, J.C. Reeves, J. Szczerkowski, C.L. Garcin, T.J. Trieu, M. Wilson, J. Lundie-Brown, S.J. Habib (2021) Wnt- and glutamate-receptors orchestrate stem cell dynamics and asymmetric cell division. eLife.

Other Professional Activities

CSCI Postgraduate Committee

Postgraduate student (Philpott Group)

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Not available for consultancy