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Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

  • 24Feb

    Speaker: Andrea Brand, The Gurdon Institute, Cambridge

    Title: 'Time to get up: awakening stem cells in the brain’

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  • 23Feb

    The next seminar in the Empowering Research Seminar series will be taking place on Tuesday 23rd February at 11am via Microsoft Teams.

    Speaker: Jessie Monck, Learning & Development Consultant, University of Cambridge

  • 22Feb


    Marta Vila Gonzalez, Postdoc, Vallier lab

    Title: “iPSC-derived AECs as a model to study Cystic Fibrosis” 

    Aracely Castillo Venzor, PhD Student, Surani lab 

    Title: “Genesis of the Human Germline”


  • 15Feb


    Iva Kelava, PhD Student, Lancaster lab

    Title: "Sex hormones and the human developing brain”

    Hendrik Runge, Postdoc, Hodson lab

    Title:  “The Heterodimeric Transcription Factor OCT2/OCA-B in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL)”

  • 10Feb

    Speaker: Andreas Trumpp

    Institution: Heidelburg Institute DKFZ

    Title: "Hematopoietic and Leukemic Stem Cells"

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  • 09Feb


    Speaker: Rory Stark, CRUK Cambridge Institute

    Title: "Normalizing ChIP and ATAC sequencing data for differential analysis"

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  • 08Feb


    Andrew Malcolm, PhD Student, Rugg-Gunn lab  

    Title: "Lineage priming in human embryonic stem cells by DPPA2/4"

    Margarete Fabre, PhD Student, Vassiliou lab

    Title: "The natural history of clonal haematopoiesis"

  • 01Feb


    Carys Johnson, PhD Student, Laurenti lab  

    Title: "TscRNA-Seq of cultured human Haematopoietic Stem Cells identifies rapid and cell cycle independent loss of self renewal capacity"

    Jorg Morf, Postdoc, Basu lab

    Title: "MLL2 sets up neural cell fate during transition from naive to formative pluripotency" 

  • 28Jan

    Speaker: Dr Miriam Lynn, Equality & Diversity Consultant

    Institution: University of Cambridge

    Title: "Implicit Bias"

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  • 27Jan

    Speaker: Thomas Moreau, Head of Research,

    Title:"Coding cells for health: consistent and scalable human iPSC-derived cells for the next generation of medicines"