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Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

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Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
Technology & Innovation Forum (SCI-TIF)

This bespoke new programme brings together scientists with an interest in stem cells and technology in order to foster rich discussions, partnerships and translational opportunities.


What is SCI-TIF?

  • A membership programme designed to unite scientists in industry and academia based on a shared interest in stem cells and their applications within Cambridge and beyond


Why join SCI-TIF?

  • The Cambridge Stem Cell Institute (CSCI) is unique in Europe for what we offer to partners.
    • Diversity – Over 320 biological, clinical and physical scientists working on multiple scales with different tissues and diseases
    • Human health – Our location on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus brings together a critical mass of clinician scientists with a variety of specialties with the common goal of transforming human health
    • Cambridge Hub – CSCI forms the hub of a University-supported Interdisciplinary Research Centre, positioning us centrally within a network of over 700 scientists with backgrounds in biology, medicine, physics and engineering
    • Output – our scientists secured £26 million of new grant funding in 2021 alone, published 165 publications, won 19 major international prizes and awards, and spun out 13 start-up companies in the last six years


What does SCI-TIF offer?

  • Framework for collaborative projects
  • Challenge-led and industry-guided sandpit events
  • Exclusive seminars and bespoke workshops
  • Annual networking event with students and postdocs
  • Invitation to the CSCI Annual Retreat, featuring talks from our PIs and Affiliate PIs
  • Subscription to the Weekly Institute Newsletter


Current SCI-TIF members



2023-2024 Programme


  • 18 March 2024 - AI and Stem Cell Research/Medicine Event (with exhibition opportunities) 
  • 6 February 2024 - Trainee Event (with exhibition opportunities)



Watch this space for more updates on:

  • Events & Workshops
  • Dinner & networking opportunities 
  • Strategy sessions 

Please contact with any enquiries